Types of fabric

The fabric is the heart and soul of every Neher insect screen. Of course: For different applications you need specific insect screening fabrics.

That is why you will find an enormous variety of fabrics at Neher for every application and for your personal wishes. All insect screening fabrics have in common: highest quality, stability and durability with a timelessly beautiful look at the same time.

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Almost invisible, best air passage, tear-resistant, durable and PVC-free: our patented and award-winning Transpatec fabric.

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Reliable protection against pollen and insects: Polltec, tried and tested for years.

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Fibreglass fabric

The proven classic in two colours and two strengths: the fibreglass fabric.

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Electrosmog protective screen

Protection against insects and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation: the HF Esmog screening fabric.

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Stainless steel mesh

The V2A and V4A fabric is highly resistant for hygiene and canteen use.

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Cat mesh

Scratch-proof due to 7-fold fabric reinforcement: the cat’s mesh made from polyester.

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Aluminium mesh

The unobtrusive, PVC-free alternative to fibreglass fabric: the black aluminium fabric.

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Sun protection fibreglass mesh

Suitable for use in roof window roller screens: the sun protection fibreglass mesh.

Specific solutions

Neher insect screening can be as individual as your wishes and your installation situation. That is why we also stock unusual products for specific requirements in our product range. And we are constantly developing new insect screening solutions that are far more than standard. Where others give up is where the challenge begins for us. Test us.

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Extremely robust sliding frames for roof windows

Ideal for the use of Polltec pollen screen fabric in roof windows – easy to operate and can be removed in a few simple steps.

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Brush guides

Circumferential brush guides with side-mounted block magnets hidden in the profile – as a quiet alternative to hinged frames for doors with magnetic and stainless steel hinges.

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Insect screening products for pets

Special insect screening products for pets with scratch-proof cat mesh for combination with cat or dog flaps.

Insektenschutz für Sonderformen wie Rundbogen

Insect screen solutions for every shape

Insect screen solutions for all types of installation, including triangles, pentagons, trapezoids, round or semicircular arches and closed circles.

Neher Farbfächer

Special colours

Insect screens in special colours as the basis for your individual look and special design wishes. Perfectly match your insect screening to your windows and doors. All RAL colours but also NCS, DB and much more are possible. Just ask us. Or you can take one of the numerous standard colours that we always have in stock:

Standard colours:

Insect screen

  • White (RAL 9016)
  • Silver grey (E6/EV1 anodised)
  • Anthracite grey (RAL 7016 matt)
  • Dark brown (TON 8077 matt)
  • Medium brown (RAL 8014 matt)
  • Light brown (RAL 8001 matt)
Lightwell covers

  • Silver grey (E6/EV1 anodised)
  • Medium grey (Mica MG/GLE)
  • Dark grey (Mica DG/GLE)


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