Terresa in front of patio door on wooden floor

The TERRESA - attractively-designed protection on wooden patios and lightwells.

Do you have a wooden patio and need an elegant and slip-proof water drain, an inspection chamber, or a lightwell cover? TERRESA by Neher is the high-quality, universally applicable inlay for your wooden patio. Simply saw the opening, insert TERRESA, and you're done. By the way, the TERRESA can also be used as an alternative to the ELSA as a cover on "normal" lightwells and patios.

Product description TERRESA

Tec Teressa vor Eingang platziert
Access to technology installed under the patio, e.g. a pond pump
Stable and slip-resistant water drain
Available in 3 standard colours

Why patio inserts from Neher?

Threshold-free, anti-slip access to the house.
For use on wooden patios as a water drain, slip resistance, or an inspection chamber.
Highest stability due to stainless steel mesh or aluminium expanded metal.
Use in lightwells to protect against leaves, mice, spiders and frogs.