Pleated blinds opened by a woman in a pink dress

The pleated blinds - space-saving, fool-proof, and safe

With their unusual appearance, the insect screening pleated blinds are reminiscent of sun protection pleated blinds. They do not require a swing range and can be used in a space-saving manner. The pleated blinds are weather-resistant, fool-proof to operate and free of thresholds. They owe their name to the pleating (folding) of the fabric. Ask your Neher dealer which of the two pleated blind systems PL1 and PL2 is suitable for your installation situation.

Product description pleated blinds

Kinde fährt mit Bobycar durch offene Türe mit halb geöffnetem Plissee
Modern look due to pleating of the fabric
No thresholds thanks to extremely flat guide
No tilting of the handle possible due to tear-resistant tensioning cords

Why Neher pleated blinds?

No tilting due to tear-resistant tension cords.
Easy passage due to an extremely flat lower guide.
Modern look for today’s architecture.
Can also be used with large openings thanks to high wind stability and double-leaf PL1 variants.
Fool-proof operation across the entire height due to integrated handle bar.
Flexible use due to 2 systems with installation depths of 50 and 22 millimetres.