Motorised roller screen is operated with a remote control from the outside

Motorised roller screens - innovative insect screening at the touch of a button.

The Neher motorised roller screen disappears in its box when not in use, as do the manually operated Neher roller screens. And it has other advantages: You can control it even more conveniently via wall operation or radio remote control and simultaneously connect it to house controls (KNX, Tahoma, BUS, etc.).

Auszeichnung Plus X Award 2018 - Innovation, High Quality, Bedienkomfort, Funktionalität
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Our motorised roller screen was awarded the Plus X Award in 2018:

In the categories of Innovation, High Quality, Ease of Use, and Functionality, as well as the Best Product of the Year in this area. The Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sport and lifestyle. It distinguishes brands for the quality and innovation advantage of their products.

Product description motorised roller screen

Elektrorollo Fernbedienung trägt eine Frau nach drausen.
Choose from various handheld transmitters with different functions and designs.
The roller screen is guided laterally using ZIP technology in order to withstand high wind loads.
Optionally available with solar panel.

Why motorised roller screens from Neher?

Neher high-speed motor with soft start and soft brake.
Good fabric retention even in windy conditions thanks to brush channels on the ER1.
Free choice between various control transmitters with different functions and designs.
High level of safety thanks to collision protection on the ER2 motorised roller screen.
Even higher wind stability with the ER2 through the use of ZIP technology.
Designed for large apertures despite shallow installation depth and with special high speed motors up to 136 rpm.