Hinged frame and swing windows: Fast and flexible operation.

If you open and close your windows frequently, for example to water the flowers, then hinged frame or swing windows are the ideal choice as an insect screening solution. They are easy and quick to operate. You can open the classic hinged frame in one direction – inwards or outwards. A modern swing window, on the other hand, opens in both directions and gives you even more freedom of movement.

Product description swing window

Circumferential brush guides provide reliable protection against insects
Closes automatically and quietly when opened to the outside
Are almost invisible when using Transpatec as fabric

Why Neher's hinged frame and swing windows?

High stability and durability despite low installation depth
Wide range of applications, even on double-leaf latch windows.
Easy operation due to ergonomic handles.
Elegant and unobtrusive appearance. Almost invisible with Transpatec fabric.