ELSA lightwell cover with trip-free, flush-mounted construction

The ELSA - the attractive replacement for your old grating.

Are you looking for an attractive replacement for your old lightwell cover? ELSA is the heavy-duty, flush-mounted and level alternative for your existing grating. ELSA is easily installed into the lightwell as a complete element and is suitable not only for the terrace area, but also for other lightwells around the house.

Product description ELSA

ELSA Lichtschachtabdeckung stolperfreier, flächenbändiger Konstruktion
The ELSA is available with or without an edge cover. Let us show you the difference.
Optionally with anti-lift device
Statically tested

Why Neher's well-covers?

Trip-free, flush-mounted and level construction.
For all plastic or concrete lightwells, whether right-angled or oblique. With and without edge cover.
Aesthetically-pleasing protection against leaves, dirt and small animals.
Optional protection against lifting. Also, for escape routes, with quick release from below.