Neher insect screen - simply live better

With our customised insect screens you will improve your quality of life and put an end to annoying mosquito hunts.

Enjoy your home, let plenty of light and air in and lock out unpleasant guests such as mosquitoes, flies, wasps or spiders. A Neher insect screen with the almost invisible Transpatec fabric protects you safely, inconspicuously and permanently. You can also open the window at night and leave the light on. The fresh, cool air lets you sleep better and helps you wake up well rested.

On this homepage we would like to give you an idea of the variety of our insect screening products. We are sure to find the right solution for you. Get in touch with us without any obligation and we will give you the name of the relevant contact person in your area.

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Insect screening for windows

Dachfenster Insektenschutz Icon

Insect screening for roof windows

Insektenschutz für Türen

Insect screening for doors

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Insect screening for lightwells

#Neher homestory

"Fly screens have improved our everyday life."

Kundin von Neher im Portrait lacht in die Kamera

Svenja W. from M.

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Transpatec - the practically invisible insect screening

Our multiple award-winning and patented Transpatec fabric impresses with maximum light and air permeability. Learn more about the advantages of this high-tech product.

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Neher Produkte Frau zeigt Tochter das fast unsichtbare Transpatec-Gewebe